I wanted to be a cowboy before I wanted to be an artist. My first thoughts of a career as a graphic designer began in my late teens. After art school I started working in Montreal and after a year moved to Vancouver. I worked for a couple of excellent companies over the years but most of the time I had my own business and freelanced. I’ve had a full range of experience but probably the two areas I enjoyed most were Corporate Identity and speaker support material. I can’t remember a time when I didn’t want to be a cowboy but that side of my life didn’t start until my mid-thirties. Horse camping and packing around BC and helping out at some of the big ranches rounding up cattle and branding satisfied that ambition. We camped at different cow camps far away from civilization. These are usually log cabins with sod
roofs, wooden crates for shelves, wood stoves and outside biffies with incredible views. A cowboy would spend months alone in the camp looking after a herd of cattle. A dream developed in me where I would live in a cow camp, ride and look after a herd of cattle but I would have a button in the corner that would take me down to a high-tech world where I would be connected to the outside world and also be able to work at graphic design. I realize that my dream has become a reality. Linda and I live on a lake in the middle of cattle country in the Nicola Valley amongst a few big ranches. I can saddle up one of my horses and ride for hours. With my satellite connection I am also able to continue my career as a graphic designer. Sometimes wishing for things can make them happen.